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Why you need CCTV surveillance in your home

Why you need a CCTV surveillance system in your home

More and more people are upgrading their security systems of their homes by installing burglar proofing, stronger gates, brackets so that electric gates cannot be lifted off the rails, alarm systems, outside beams and CCTV cameras. People are pretty close to employing full time security guards at their homes as an extra security measure.

CCTV cameras used to only be found in casinos, banks and offices in order to monitor people who enter the building and try to predict or detect any potential threats. The footage could also be reviewed later to reveal any gaps in the security system.

Now days, people are installing CCTV cameras in their homes as an extra security asset. Most people have a gate that separates the bedrooms from the rest of the house for added safety. If you hear a noise coming from the other side of the gate, there is no need to go “check it out” as this would be highly unsafe, especially at night. You should rather take a look at your CCTV footage and see if you can spot any burglars or other potential threats.

Technology has improved so much that you are able to view your CCTV’s live feed from your smartphone via a mobile application. This is great if you don’t want to have a monitor in your bedroom. If you hear that noise, simply open the app and you will be able to view the live feed.

Having access to the footage of your CCTV camera on your phone will present another advantage to you because you can now check why your alarm is going off when you are not at home or you are away on holiday. If the alarm goes off and you see someone in your house, you can call the police. You can even give inside information to the police such as where the burglar is, if he is hiding, if he has fled the scene or whatever the case may be.

CCTV cameras are also used so you can check who is ringing your intercom and you can simply ignore any one wanted guests or solicitors.

They can also be used to check if animals are entering your house through open windows and taking food that you could’ve sworn was there when you went to bed.

It is time to take the security of your home and family to the next level by installing CCTV cameras in your home. Speak to D&D Tactical for the best solution that will suit your needs.