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A look at K9 unit training for police and security dogs

Safety and security have just become catchphrases in the international arena, with massively different needs for safety and security across the board. One thing has become quite evident, however: security and protection dogs (often referred to as police dogs or K9 units), trained for a diversity of purposes are playing an ever increasing role, despite numerous electronic safety and security platforms made available in the market today.

All K9’s must first become experts in basic obedience training. They need to obey the commands of their handler without uncertainty. This is what maintains the inherent aggression of a dog in order, and allows the handler to control how much power the dog is using against a suspect, for example.

A police dog also needs to make it through agility and endurance training. The dog must be able to scale walls and climb stairs. Each and every dog is adapted to city life, as a dog that's uneasy around people won't make a good policing dog.

Each dog receives specialty training as well. Numerous dogs are trained to search for narcotics, while others are gun or explosive sniffers. Police dogs can also be trained track missing or suspicious persons.

People frequently wonder if dogs sniff out concealed narcotics because they want to eat the drugs, or because they are addicted to drugs themselves. In actual fact, the dogs have totally no interest in drugs whatsoever. What they're actually seeking out is their favourite toy. They’re trained to associate that toy with the smell of illicit substances.

The toy most commonly used is a white towel or rag. Police dogs often love to play an energetic game of tug-of-war with their favourite toy. When beginning the training, the handler plays with the dog and the towel, which has been washed in a particular way so that it doesn’t have a particular scent of its own. Later, a bag of marijuana, for example, is rolled up inside the towel. And after playing for a while, the dog begins to recognise the smell of marijuana as the scent of his favourite toy. The handler then conceals the towel, with the drugs, in different places. Each time the dog sniffs out the drugs, he scratches and digs, in attempts to get to his toy. Soon he comes to learn that if he sniffs out the scent of the drugs, as soon as he finds them he will be rewarded with a game of tug-of-war.

But, a police dog's work isn't strictly about his powerful sense of smell. The intimidating growl of a well-trained police dog can cause many suspects to surrender rather than running or fighting back. The mere presence of a police dog often prevents physical confrontations.

When a conflict does arise, however, dogs react much quicker and stronger than most humans, and are able to catch a runaway criminal and hold him down with strong jaws to apprehend the suspect until other officers reach the scene. Dogs have undeniably earned their place in the police and security forces around the world.


D&D Tactical Security Services is a company that has taken that notion into consideration and encompass a K9 Unit in their repertoire. Their K9s are trained to exceptional levels of obedience. They are able to follow both verbal commands and hand gestures of their handler. D&D Tactical Security Services’ response units and their proactive approach to protecting the community, as well as you as an individual has been highly effective. Since the introduction of their services in the Glenanda, Mulbarton, Glenvista, Bassonia, Oakdene, and Liefde en Vrede areas, their clients have experienced a significant decrease in crime in their neighbourhoods.