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Protecting Your Home Against These 5 Types of Burglars

In order to protect your home, it is necessary that you know about the 5 most common burglars that are lurking in your environments. It could be a man, or even a woman, dressed in all black sporting a balaclava, attempting to climb through a window. Or it might even be a highly skilled, cold-blooded crook with felonious intent. This article will look at a list of 5 of most common kinds of burglars we find and what you can do to protect your home from them.

1. The Delinquent
The popular assumption is that this is the most common kind of burglar you will come across, the young delinquent that has nothing to lose. Classically seen a high-school drop-out ages ranging between 15-25 years old, normally with drug abuse problems and/or a history of violence.

Open doors, exposed windows and back doors – any areas with ease of access - are this burglar’s dream. Delinquents are generally not very skilled and normally wouldn’t take the consideration of hiding their identity or covering their tracks. They can certainly be caught or persuaded away with the correct measures.

2. The Opportunist
Similar to the delinquent, however, has more skill and ability. In the same way as the delinquent, they will benefit from unlocked doors and open windows, but will make the extra effort to take something of value.

The significant characteristic of these burglars is their mindset and their motivation. The opportunist will not watch your house over time or premeditate the act but rather will make the decision to rob you on the spot if it appears to be worthwhile. Unlike the delinquent, they will likely take many different valuable things that they can sell on the black market and not necessarily the most expensive.

3. The ‘Smasher’
This burglar is more forceful than, yet similarly as impulsive as, the opportunist. They do not to hesitate to tear down a door or smash a window if they feel as though there is something valuable inside. Because of the amount of noise and commotion a forced entry can attract, they try to spend the least amount of time in a house as possible, resulting in a lot of damage to the property. These criminals can sometimes come off as comical because they will steal something of low value but don’t be fooled, they will take anything they can get their hands on. 4. The ‘Prowler’
Potentially the most experienced and, possibly most dangerous burglar you might encounter. The Prowler is a seasoned criminal that had started as an opportunist and worked their way up the ladder. This type will prowl around neighbourhoods, looking for a good “mark” (or target). Once found, they will scout out their “mark” for days, or even weeks, studying their patterns, planning a point of entry, examining security systems and investigating the layout of the house. They are probably likely to know how to pick locks, disarm security systems and forcefully enter premises without alerting neighbours.

5. The Professional
The most equipped and skilful burglars you could possibly come across. Not only are the professionals more capable than the prowler, they often have state of the art equipment for cracking into vaults and high-end security systems. These particular robberies are meticulously pre-meditated and can include several accomplices. These types do not take part in petty theft and only consider very valuable items. The good news, however, is most of these attacks occur on commercial companies like banks, museums and warehouses. The chance of a conventional home being besieged by this type is extremely low.

Regardless of what your household income might be, there are several ways you can protect your home without tearing a hole in your pocket. Secure locks and burglar bars on ground floor windows are certainly good investments and a great place to start. However, due to the escalating crime rate, it is often not enough. D&D Tactical Response Services, which has innovative and technologically advanced techniques, aims to prevent criminal doings and avoid any episodes in your home and business. These include the placement of refined security surveillance equipment in and around designated areas of your home or business. Seeing as crime is not necessarily time-specific, these amenities are implemented 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their state of the art control systems. For the safety and security of your home and business in the Johannesburg South region, visit D&D Tactical Response Services for more details.